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Logitech G920 Racing Wheel Review – Carefully Does It

My experience with racing wheels of any kind has been pretty slim. I think the last time I used one was way back in the 90s when force feedback simply meant that the wheel vibrated somewhat. But with the launch of games like Forza Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 6, and of course Project CARS, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about and whether playing with a racing wheel made any real difference to the game. Introducing the Logitech G920 Racing Wheel, my test subject.

Root Letter Review – A Chain Mail That Goes Bump in...

Fire up your PS4 and get your sleuthing hat on as Root Letter needs you to come and solve the mystery of some young adult shenanigans that have gone completely wrong. This is going to be a fairly spoiler free review of Root Letter since it's a mystery game and the whole point of a mystery is that you solve it yourself. You lazy snake.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review – LOST IN SPAAAACE

I'll be completely honest here, I've not really been a huge fan of the Call of Duty campaigns ever since the conclusion of Black Ops II. I didn't really pay attention to the Ghosts campaign, nor the Advanced Warfare campaign, and I damn-sure didn't care much for the Black Ops III campaign either - what a load of toff. So I did indeed go into the campaign with black tinted glasses firmly glued to my face. That being said, having forced myself once again through the campaign for the sake of the game's review, I can say I was somewhat surprised, though not overly.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Review – Fakin’ it ’till you...

Ever since the second Jackbox Party Pack, we've been huge fans of Jackbox Games. They've managed to create a series of games which are accessible by almost anyone, provided you have access to the website, and are so insanely fun to play. With the likes of Fibbage, Bidiots, and Quiplash in the second pack, we were unsure how exactly they could top it, but somehow they've managed with The Jackbox Party Pack 3.
Super Dungeon Bros

Super Dungeon Bros Review – When the Dungeons are Rockin’

Super Dungeon Bros is free on Games for Gold this month for Xbox One users. In light of this it seemed like a great idea to give it a go and see how it stacked up.
World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy Review – More Than Just a Love...

With the next big instalment in the Final Fantasy series almost here we have a spin-off from Square Enix that looks to bridge the gap. World of Final Fantasy is a cute, lighthearted take on the Final Fantasy series that looks to mix everything fans love from the series into one epic adventure. The question is, does this mash-up of old and new, with a cute visual flair manage to deliver as a strong entry into the Final Fantasy series and can it meet the expectations of fans both new and old?

Civilization VI Review – More Please

The most beautiful 'Civilization' game to date, now with complex city management mechanics, a redesigned faith system and a new civic tree. What more could you want?
Xenoraid Review #1

Xenoraid Review – Suddenly, Asteroids

The 2D top-down shooter is one of gaming’s greatest cornerstones. Almost every generation of consoles and gaming technology has played host to a plethora of alien invasions, game-ified versions of history and a fair bit of unfiltered insanity from Space Invaders all the way up to the subject of today’s review, 10tons Limited’s Xenoraid, a new top-down space shooter with co-operative play and some light procedural elements.

Farming Simulator 17 Review – I’ve Got a Brand New Combine...

The sun rises over the mountainside as I rub my gritty eyes. I'm not sure what day we're on, but I'm almost finished taking my final load of Canola over to Denton Bakery so I can finally pay off the loan and start earning myself, and not the bank, money.
ReCore Horizontal Key Art

ReCore Review – All Lasers And No Feelings

ReCore is a game that slipped under a lot of people’s radars, surprising considering its parentage includes Keji Inafune and Armature Studio, the studio behind Metroid Prime 3. Inafune was the driving force behind Mighty No. 9 and the Mega Man series, so making a platformer with robots and lasers is pretty much this guy’s thing.

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice Review – Gotta Go Slow

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice is not a game I thought I would find myself playing. That said it almost did not seem like I was playing anything related to Sonic. Developed by Sanzaru Games, Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice is the latest entry in the Sonic franchise on the Nintendo 3DS. Being the latest in the Sonic Boom series the game follows up from Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal games along with the television series of the same name. Not knowing much of the Sonic Boom series but familiar with the Sonic franchise, I jumped into Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice with an open mind but very quickly I became regretful of what I was playing.

Titanfall 2 Review – “Trust Me”

Let's face it, Titanfall's original "multiplayer campaign" wasn't really all it was cracked up to be. It was a lame attempt at trying to blend multiplayer gameplay with some sort of loose story. Sure, it scored you a new Titan once you'd completed it, but it was forgettable and really had no meaning. Titanfall 2 on the other hand comes with its own dedicated single player campaign, and while it's been a long time coming it's definitely been worth the wait.

Skylanders Imaginators Review – Fuelled By Pizza

I'll be honest, I wanted this game purely so I could play another Crash Bandicoot game. I know, I know, Skylanders Imaginators isn't a Crash Bandicoot game, but having the ability to play as our twirly orange friend again was an opportunity I couldn't let pass me by. That being said, aside from playing as Crash once again, Skylanders Imaginators has so much more to offer than previous titles, and it's a hell of a lot of fun.

WRC 6 Review – All the Fun, None of the Pain

The WRC series has been pretty well known for bringing in a level of realism when it comes to rally racing. It's something that's helped the series excel above other fast paced rally series' but at the same time it's made the games fairly difficult for those who enjoy a more casual, arcade experience. In WRC 6 however, that's all changed. The core WRC experience is still there, but there's now an option to make the game a little more enjoyable and a little more arcade.

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