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IK Multimedia Unveils iRig Pro I/O at NAMM

IK Multimedia, the creator of the popular iRig multi-instrument audio interface that's compatible with a range of mobile devices, has today unveiled the iRig Pro I/O at NAMM, and oh boy, it's a corker.

25 Percent App Store Price Increase in the UK Blamed on...

First we had Terry's Chocolate Oranges, then the Toblerone, now the App Store has been hit by the UK's apparent "need" to be independent from the European Union.

The Sun Sets on Project Titan as Alphabet Shifts Focus to...

Alphabet has confirmed to Business Insider that it's pulling the plug on its solar-powered drone project, Project Titan. Instead, it looks like the company will be focusing more on Project Loon, the company's solar done that hopes to bring Internet to rural locations.

Meet Razer’s Project Valerie: A Three Screened Laptop

At CES this week Razer have made a rather interesting and impressive announcement by the name of Project Valerie - a three-screen laptop optimized...

App Store Sets New Sales Record For New Years Day, 2017

The new year has been good for Apple as they have annouced that new years day was the busiest day ever with many records being broken.

Google Reveals the Most Searched Terms in 2016

What could be considered the most depressing year ever, Google's Year in Search pretty much confirms that fact as nations became divided, we lost some pretty great people, and Pokémon Go became a thing.
Just Android Things

Google’s IoT Platform “Brillo” is now Called Android Things

During Google I/O in May, 2015, Google announced Project Brillo it's own Internet of Things platform which it hoped would soon dominate the market of Internet connected things by weaving everything together. Unfortunately since then we've heard little about Google's dominance over the connected home, that is, until now.
Drone Racing League

The Drone Racing League and Toy State Partner for Line of...

If you've been following the Drone Racing League and have been itching to get behind the FPV headset but realise you have zero skill and money to take up the sport, then we may have some good news for you. The Drone Racing League has announced a multi-year partnership with Toy State to create a line of co-branded toy drones.

Google’s Self Driving Car Initiative Becomes Waymo

Yesterday the rumour mill was churning away thanks to many reports suggesting that Google was planning to can its self-driving car initiative. Today however, it seems that this isn't the case and instead the company is once again turning one of its projects into a self-funded company within the Alphabet umbrella. Introducing: Waymo.

Turn your TV into a Touch Screen as the TouchJet WAVE...

Remember back in August 2015 when TouchJet announced the crowdfunding campaign for the TouchJet WAVE, a device which sits on top of your TV screen turning it into a fully working touch-screen. Well, it's finally here and can be yours for as little as $299.
Galaxy Note 7

Soon your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be Unusable

If you're idiotic enough to be clinging onto your Galaxy Note 7, despite Samsung's desperate plea to recall them all, soon enough yours will become practically unusable. How? Because you'll no longer be able to charge it past 30%.

Amazon Go is the Future that I want to Live In

Earlier this week Amazon launched a prototype of its Amazon Go shopping experience, a store which has zero cashiers and simply lets you walk in, take what you need, and walk out.
Pebble Family Blue Crop

Fitbit are Apparently Buying Pebble

Here's an interesting story. Apparently Fitbit are in talks to buy Pebble, the company behind what could be considered one of the first smartwatches, and in a recent article a company that's been described as "struggling".
instagram Logo

Don’t Worry, Instagram Won’t Notify Users if you’ve Grabbed a Screenshot...

Over the past few days word has spread that Instagram will begin alerting users when a screenshot is taken by another user. While this isn't exactly untrue, it's not exactly 100% correct, either.

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