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Pokemon GO

Too Little, Too Late For Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go launched July 6 last year as possibly the most anticipated mobile game launch to date, reaching 15 million global downloads in just one week. It quickly became the most downloaded app of all time. Niantic Labs had finally delivered and fans were going crazy for it. 8 months after launch they have announced the addition of 80 new Pokémon from Generation 2, but is it too little, too late?

Here’s Why we Need a Transformers Fighting Game

Optimus Prime usually says "'till all are one! but after a scrap in a heat of rage he'd probably say, "'till all are not none!" Well, that's something he should say, especially if he was in a Transformers fighting game.
Dishonored 2 Karnaca

Reflections on Windows: Architecture and Place in Dishonored 2

Building an environment is no easy feat. An environment is not a ‘map’, it's a lived in space. It’s an area conscious of its context, a place that understands and supports the events that occur in its space. The best environments have history, they have story, and they have character. Which is why the standout character in Dishonored 2 isn’t human, nor beast. It’s the city, Karnaca.
For Honor

Three Factions We Want to See Added to For Honor

For Honor is set to launch in a little over a week's time and while we know Ubisoft plans to support the game with a Season Pass that'll add new heroes to their melee fighting game, but what we don't know is whether those heroes will belong to the three Factions that'll come to the game at launch.

Pokémon Duel is Overly Complicated, but it Doesn’t have to be

Pokémon Duel stealth launched on the App Store last week and surprised many Pokémon fans, however, unlike Pokémon Go, Duel isn't quite getting the same 1,000 degree reception, but why?
Don’t Starve

Early Access… More Harm than Good?

The term Early Access has become commonplace in the PC gaming market pretty much since Steam opened its doors to the pre-release launch model back in 2013. Before this time "early access" titles were few and far between, marketed mostly as "paid access" to early alpha's or betas of games that had managed to garner a large community following during these early stages of development.
LEGO Marvel Avengers

Why Marvel Comics are so Good for Adaptations

It was just the other day I was thinking about Marvel and video games. It's an interesting fusion of comics and games when you think about it.

Why The Division Movie Might Not Suck

So, it's no secret that Ubisoft have a movie in the works based on The Division. Given the arguable travesty that Assassin's Creed was, people are dubious. I completely understand why. I saw Assassin's Creed (and you can read the review here), it sucked. They took a mediocre concept and bastardised it in the movie.

Why Splinter Cell Deserves A Remastering

The Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series is probably one of the best stealth based shooters ever made. The games revolve around Sam Fisher being a bad ass, saving the world from itself time and time again. Fisher spends his time either ghosting through complexes or mercilessly slaughtering any hapless guard he encounters.

Yooka-Laylee, Arriving Just in Time?

Let's be honest, gaming is getting dull. Every year there's a new Call of Duty, FIFA and Battlefield. The market is swamped with survival...
Nintendo Switch

First Impressions Count, but has The Nintendo Switch Left a Bad...

The Nintendo Switch presentation took place in the early hours of yesterday morning setting the Internet alight with reactions in the hours after. Pre-orders also went live yesterday and hands on sessions have taken place. It’s now just over 24 hours since the presentation and I find myself in a decent position to write down my thoughts and impressions on Nintendo's new revolutionary console.

Is Microsoft Looking to Leave the Console Market?

Microsoft is back in the news again, with their confirmation of the cancellation of Scalebound, which was going to be an Xbox One exclusive...

Here’s a Crazy Idea: Why Doesn’t Harry Potter Meet a Young...

You realise we're going to get more Harry Potter stuff no matter what right? Well, how about things get a little weird if Harry met another established British icon of fiction, like James Bond?

Westworld and Death

Hopkins doesn't talk about death in the series, but it's an important theme lurking behind all the talk of artificial intelligence. Here's my view.

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