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BlackBerry Announces Its Departure From The Smartphone Market

After another poor financial report, BlackBerry has finally thrown in the towel and have announced that they're exiting the smartphone business.

Destiny 2 Could Be Coming to PC, May Be A Complete Reboot

Destiny has done pretty well for itself over the past two years, not only has it continued to pull players back in with each expansion, Activision has managed to sell three different versions of the game without anyone batting an eye. However, this latest report might just take the cake.

Here’s the Single Player Campaign Trailer for Battlefield 1

So we've all most likely had a taste of Battlefield 1's insane multiplayer, but what about the campaign? Will it contain a story that'll really keep us glued to the screen, or will we be immediately jumping out in favour of the fast-paced multiplayer?
Windows 10 Wallpaper

Windows 10 Hits 400 Million Installs

Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 10, has been installed on at least 400 million devices around the world, the company has announced.
blue raspberry

Blue’s Latest Microphone is a Portable Blast from the Past

Blue, the makers of that ball on a stick - also known as the Snowball iCE - has unveiled a brand new and more portable microphone for those who love to podcast on the go: The Raspberry.

Firewatch is Getting a Movie!?

It's looking like Hollywood is desperately clinging onto video games as their next big movie renaissance as the latest game to get a confirmed movie adaptation is the stunning Firewatch.


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Xbox One S Lamborghini Centenario

Xbox Australia is Giving Away This Lamborghini Xbox One S

To celebrate the launch of Forza Horizon 3, which takes the festival to Australia, Xbox Australia has decided to do a pretty fancy giveaway.
Bit.Trip Runner3

CommanderVideo is Back as Bit.Trip Runner3 is Announced

CommanderVideo is back with Bit.Trip Runner3 which is set to launch in 2017.
Snapchat Spectacles

What’s The Deal With Those Snapchat Spectacles?

Snapchat has had a bit of a shake-up recently. The company has decided to lose the "chat" from Snapchat and will become simply, Snap (or Snap Inc. if we're going to be pre cise). The app will still continue to be called Snapchat, just the company behind the app will have the new simplistic name. This name change also came with a new announcement, Snapchat Spectacles.
Mickey Mouse Holding a Dollar

The House of Mouse May be Buying Twitter

It looks like Mickey and the gang may have a new animal friend if the latest reports are to be believed as Disney is apparently looking into purchasing Twitter.
Demon Truck Launches on Steam

Hellfire-Charged Shoot ’em Up Demon Truck Roars Onto Steam

Have you ever wanted to play as a giant truck from hell speeding along an endless highway, gunning down other big evil trucks (and everything else in sight) with lasers, rockets, gatling guns, flamethrowers and gosh knows what else while using all manner of devilish powerups? Possibly but probably not including John Romero's severed head from DOOM II?
Super Dungeon Bros

Super Dungeon Bros Goes on a Rockin’ Quest This November

Wired Productions have revealed that November 1 will be the launch date for their anticipated rock-infused co-operative dungeon crawler/brawler Super Dungeon Bros.
Planet Coaster Title

Yes, Planet Coaster Will Let You Create Disastrous Coasters…

Let's face it, when given the choice to do something incredibly nefarious in video games, we'll likely do it. Simulation games like Sim City, The Sims, and RollerCoaster Tycoon have always offered ways for us to play God and conjure up some sort of disaster, and Planet Coaster is no different.
Minecraft Chinese Mythology

Minecraft Gets a Ton of Add-ons in October

Mojang has announced that Minecraft for various platforms, including VR, will be receiving a handful of updates to help users tweak game mechanics, improve VR experiences, and add more content into the game.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta – Everything You Need to...

In the next couple of months the next entry into the Call of Duty franchise will be upon us. Fortunately for those who can't wait until November, there's some good news. Activision has unveiled exactly when players can get hands-on with the game via the game's Beta.

Did Tesco REALLY Just Unveil The Release Date and Price for...

Here's something pretty interesting. It looks like UK supermarket Tesco has just spilled the beans on the release date and price for Nintendo's upcoming console, Codename NX. Though it probably hasn't, really.
World of Final Fantasy

Here’s Some Adorable Chibi Action in World of Final Fantasy

Square Enix has unveiled another brand new video for its adorably cute-looking RPG, World of Final Fantasy. Debuting out of EGX this weekend, the new footage shows off some of the game's battles as well as the chibi-Tidus.

EGX 2016 Sets Record Breaking Year

It's safe to say that this year's EGX event in Birmingham was a huge success. Gamer Network's consumer show, EGX, came to an end yesterday after seeing a record number of exhibitors, press, and attendees swarming to the NEC to get hands-on with some of this year's biggest games.

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