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Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2’s Latest Trailer Highlights Pilots, Attrition Mode Confirmed

Respawn Entertainment has released a brand new trailer for Titanfall 2 which this time puts the focus on Pilots and the skills and movements they have.
rocket league aquadome

Rocket League’s Next Update Goes ANDA DA SEA!

Psyonix has unveiled the next update for its rocket-powered car football game, Rocket League, and this time it adds an even crazier spin to the already warped game: a sea level.

DayZ Is Still Coming To Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Just Not Any Time Soon

So for the past couple of years, we've seen Bohemia Interactive touting the arrival of DayZ at a number of events, first for PlayStation, then for Xbox. With a console version of the survival game confirmed, we've been sitting twiddling out thumbs wondering when exactly it'll arrive, and we may finally have some answers.
make ea skate again

The Berrics ‘Make EA Skate Again’ Rallies Fans To Poke EA For Another Skate...

Let's face it, EA's Skate was a pretty revolutionary game for its time. It threw out the classic button controls found in Tony Hawk for one which make skateboarding games feel more real and intuitive. Players had more control and more freedom, and it was amazing. However, after the launch of Skate 3, EA pretty much forgot about the much-loved series. But that might not be for too long.

Oculus Founder Wrapped In Political Controversy, Developers Drop Support For Platform

This week Oculus VR has been wrapped in a political shit storm as the company's founder, Palmer Luckey, was found to be funding a pro-Trump, anti-Clinton support group. This has caused many developers to drop support for the platform, causing Luckey to speak out about the events.

Minecraft: Education Edition Launches This November

As the we enter the final term of the school year, Microsoft hopes to make education even more fun before Christmas with the release of Minecraft: Education Edition.


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New Mafia III Trailer Details Lincoln Clay’s Weapons

Better get some rock n' roll playing because 2K Games have released a new trailer for their upcoming open-world crime game Mafia III, detailing some of the weapons Lincoln Clay will be using as he works to take down the Marcano family.

Here Are Your Games With Gold For October

Microsoft has unveiled next month's Games with Gold selection a little earlier this month, likely to give you a few extra days to make the most of the current selection as next month is a bit pants.
Skylanders Academy

Skylanders Academy Is Coming Exclusively To Netflix This October

Earlier this year Activision revealed that Skylanders would be getting its own Netflix TV show. Now, the publisher has confirmed exactly when you'll be able to dive into the Skylands: October 28.
Virtual EGX

Virtual EGX Brings Show Floor Games To Your Home PC

The doors have opened for this year's EGX gaming event in Birmingham and while over 75,000 people are expected to grace the show floor this weekend, not everyone will be able to make it. Fortunately you won't miss out entirely.
Ghost in the Shell Still

Here’s A Brief Glimpse At The Live Action Ghost In The...

The very first teaser trailers for Ghost in the Shell are here, and hopefully they're enough to bring people around to the idea of a western white woman playing the role of a Japanese "full-body prosthesis" augmented-cybernetic human.
Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch

Oculus Touch UK Pricing Revealed And They Won’t Be Cheap

Since the launch of the Oculus Rift, many have come to terms with the fairly steep asking price for the virtual reality headset, and since the launch of the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift is no longer the more expensive option. However, the Oculus Rift launched without one major feature: The Oculus Touch - the headset's own dedicated handheld controllers.
Codename NX

Pokémon CEO Spills The Beans on the Nintendo NX

Although we've known for a while that Nintendo plan to unveil a new console sometime within the next few months, the company has yet to reveal official details about the device, currently titled Codename NX, or Nintendo NX.

WWE 2K17 Hypes Up MyCareer Mode With New Trailer

Better start rehearsing your spiciest insults and practicing those DDTs because 2K Games have released a new trailer for WWE 2K17 outlining the features of the new game's revamped MyCareer mode.

The First Jumanji Image Arrives, Reveals Two New Characters

Although we already knew that Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would be starring in the new Jumanji film, a new image shared to Instagram by Hard also reveals that Jack Black and Karen Gillan has also been cast.
pokemon sun and moon legendaries

Even More Pokémon Unveiled for Pokémon Sun & Moon

The Pokémon Company has this week unveiled even more Pokémon for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS adventure games, Pokémon Sun & Moon. In addition, details on customisation and caring for your pocket monsters has also been shared.
Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 Will Also Have A Hitler Mission

Rebellion has today announced that players who pre-order their upcoming sniper shooter, Sniper Elite 4, will be rewarded with a little Hitler-themed treat.
gears of war 4 splash

Gears of War 4 Has Gone Gold, Here’s Everything We Know...

The Coalition has announced this week that Gears of War 4 has gone gold, and to celebrate they've released the game's launch trailer. In addition, a few other golden nuggets of information have surfaced, so we're going to take a look back at what we know so far about the game.

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