That’s How We Roll Podcast #000 – Introduction

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Hello and welcome to That’s How We Roll!

That’s How We Roll is a tabletop gaming podcast following the adventures of the superhero team the Urban Legends, using Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition.

We’re actually a podcast that’s been going on for a year now, but thanks to the kind folks here at n3 we’ve been given the opportunity to become part of something bigger!

As such, over the next ten weeks we’re going to be reuploading our content here to the site. So that’s ten weeks, ten episodes and then on the eleventh week we’ll release a brand new episode and after that we’ll return to our monthly schedule.

I’ll also add each week the original descriptions for the podcast, as well as give you little insights into the setting and the characters we’re playing, just for a little extra meta for those out there who like to get their teeth stuck into some extra info!

Don’t worry, our audio quality gets way better as we go.

“The first of our new tabletop let’s play podcast. Listen for an introduction to the system we use, our previous campaign and how it links to the new one, our new characters, a few anecdotes here and there and how Toby is sometimes a terrible player.”

Originally uploaded January 26th 2014.

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