LEGO Ghostbusters Set Pricing and Release Date Announced

The 30th anniversary LEGO Ghostbusters set, including a great looking Ecto-1 and the four spook trappers themselves, is set for a release date in June this year.

Finally, children big and small can relive their fantasies of finding out who the Gatekeeper is, saving the world from a giant tasty sailor and speculating on the existence of LEGO Walter Peck’s genitalia. Well, maybe not the last one. Everyone knows LEGO men don’t have… Well, you get my meaning.

The only issue with the set is that there are no ghosts for Peter, Egon, Winston and Ray to bust. Surely the addition of a LEGO Slimer, Gozer or even Vigo the Carpathian would have been a clever move by the creators?

That aside, Ecto-1 looks every brick the part and the figures bear more than a passing resemblance to the cast, oozing a charm that only LEGO can inject into small plastic figurines. At $49.99 the set might be a little too expensive for an off-occasion pressie but the perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas.

Now all we need is a game to go with the toys…

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  • bob

    considering the only confirmed set is ecto-1 so far, i would expect maybe a ghost or two at best, but i’m glad that this was made in the first place. let’s just hope lego continues to license it and churn out more sets.