Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Big Bosses & More Jump Fiesta Trailer

To celebrate the appearance of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z at the Jump Fiesta in Japan this weekend Namco Bandai Europe have released a brand new DBZ trailer showing us even more gameplay footage of the game as well as the appearance of some of the games Big Bosses!

In the latest trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Great Ape Bardock, Great Ape Gohan, Great Ape Vegeta, Hirudegarn & Meta-Cooler Core show themselves in action for the first time! The trailer also highlights some of the games different modes in both the single and multiplayer game types.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is scheduled for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 24. There’s also a demo available right now for you to download and play!

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