A claim lodged against the owner of by Nintendo has been unusually denied by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, with no definitive reasoning apart from the cybersquatter‘s nine-year ownership of the placeholder website – just short of three years before the original Wii console came onto the market.

The decision, reached on June 19 and only recently brought to light, now hauntingly stalks¬†Microsoft‘s efforts in seeking the rights to which is also current cybersquatter property. Although more positively, that decision will be made by the National Arbitration Forum as opposed to the WIPO.

In good ol’ cybersquatting tradition, currently houses advertising for Wii U games as well as long distance university education and Thai dating services (from time to time, at least). The site had been up for auction in February before Nintendo filed the complaint, but ¬†the listing was removed shortly after action was taken.

If Nintendo decide to purchase the domain from its current owner some hefty cheques are going to have to be written, but with a Wii U microsite already up and running, Nintendo may well hold fire for a little longer. In the meantime, the current owner of should consider investing in a larger wallet just in case a suitable workaround fails to develop.

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