God of War Limited Edition PS3 is coming!

God of War Limited Edition PS3 is coming!

God of War Limited Edition PS3 is coming!

Sony Computer Entertainment UK announced on Wednesday that a new Classic White version of the new model PlayStation 3 (which went on sale late 2012), is to be bundled with the special edition of everyone’s favourite, God of War: Ascension.

Launching on March 15th, The God of War: Ascension PS3® bundle will include the Classic White 500Gb PlayStation 3 ‘Super Slim’ plus a bespoke God of War: Ascension Dualshock®3 controller, and a copy of the Special Edition of God of War: Ascension.

God of War PS3

The God of War Special Edition itself features the latest iteration of the award winning God of War franchise in a premium Steelbook package, also containing the audio soundtrack, MultiPlayer Double XP Unlock, an exclusive PS3 dynamic theme and PS3 avatar.

I can’t help but ask “why” though, as the PlayStation 4 is expected to be revealed on the 20th of this month. We will have to wait and see, on if this is a major hit, or whether people don’t bother and just wait for the PS4.

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