Little Empire game for iOS & Android

Little Empire game for iOS & Android

Little Empire game for iOS & Android

I’m going to start by saying, what a great little game!  I work nights and due to my work I have a fair bit of down time between tasks.  I’ve definitely lost four hours of my life playing this game this evening, it’s so engrossing!

Little Empire is Age Of Empires meets tower defence.  You build your Little Empire, you fill it with little people with little swords, and then you arrange them in a certain way to fight off the onslaught of attacks from your enemies.  For a free game I’m very, very impressed!  If I’d paid 69p for this on the App Store I’d be just as impressed!  Clear, stylish graphics teamed with intuitive game play and a charming sound track make this a very pleasant game to play.

You start off with a small scrap of land with a castle on it.  The tutorial shows you how to build, how to create troops etc etc.  The first few missions run somewhat along the lines of, “Mine 200 Gold.”  Which in turn means you have to build yourself a mine and then set it to mine gold.  Similarly to games like Age Of Empires and Command And Conquer, these tasks take time.  For instance, building a barracks, (used to train foot soldiers), takes half an hour of real time.  Training six foot soldiers takes ten minutes real time.  However there’s a nifty mechanic that can make this entire event instant, and that is called Mojo.  If you haven’t already thought about Austin Powers then you need to sit on the naughty step for five minutes.  Mojo is what you use to buy items for your Hero and to speed up building/training/mining.  You can also buy Mojo for real money.  Starting at £1.29 for 40 Mojo going up to £69.99 for 4000!  I’m sorry, this is a great game but if you even consider paying that much then you need to sit down and have a think.  You can earn the Mojo by completing tasks in the game, as well as other items you need which are gold and crystal.  There is online play in which you fight other players in the Arena.  You predetermine a formation for your army, and when you then go into the Arena and click on another name it pops up and you click go.  If you survive, you win!  As of yet I’ve not noticed any positives to winning the online game other than you get to spin a wheel and claim a prize, which averages out at 50 gold.  Maybe once you get further into the game you can win more prestigious prizes like weapons and armour for your Hero.

Even though I only played this game to review it I will definitely be carrying on playing it!  It’s a lot of fun and completely free!  It’s available on iOS and Android, so look it up and enjoy it!

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