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Surprise! Ubisoft Confirms Open Beta for The Division

Following Xbox Italy prematurely spilling the beans, Ubisoft has today confirmed that come February 18 an open beta for Tom Clancy's The Division will begin starting first on Xbox One.



Check Out This Hilarious Captain America: Civil War Coke Mini TV...

When the Superbowl comes around, you can be guaranteed a few things - football, tailgating, movie trailers and hilarious ads. Yup, many people around the world get excited just to see what companies and movie studios bring out during that the big game and, whilst a lot of the superhero love was over in the trailer department, Marvel took a dive into the "Hilarious Ad" category for Captain America: Civil War, partnering with coke for Hulk vs Ant-Man!


Splatoon’s Squid Sisters Sure are Popular in Japan

Despite not actually singing in a language that is actually understandable outside of Nintendo's shooter, Splatoon, the Squid Sisters still managed to fill a concert hall in Japan last month... No, I'm not kidding.

Here’s the Latest Warcraft TV Spot

Here’s the Latest Warcraft TV Spotvideo
Video game movies haven't had the best rep over the past couple of years, with pretty much every game-based moving being a bit of a flop, it'll be interesting to see whether Activision Blizzard's live-action Warcraft movie can turn heads.

The Suicide Squad Gets Another Trailer

The Suicide Squad Gets Another Trailervideo
It feels like we've been waiting literally forever for the next Suicide Squad trailer, but now it's finally here and shows us even more footage of the worst crime-fighting team in existence.

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Firewatch’s Disposable Camera Can Send you Real Photographs…

Developers Campo Santo and publisher Panic has revealed that while their recent release, Firewatch, is a digital-only title, players will be able to net themselves a pretty cool physical goody from their time within the game, and it's all thanks to an in-game disposable camera.

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition gets a Launch Trailer

As the puppet from the Dolmio adverts once said: "Today's the day!" and no, I'm not excited that today is Spaghetti Tuesday, I'm excited that today marks the launch of Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition!
New Deep Down Tokyo Game Show Trailer Hints the Games Story Elements

Deep Down Shows Signs of Life Thanks to New Trademark Extension

Capcom's Dark Souls-like dungeon crawler, Deep Down, has been in development for some time now since its initial unveiling in 2013. And while development apparently continues, we've heard little about the game other than an interview last year with producer Kazunori Sugiura saying that the vision for the game has expanded since its initial announcement.

The HITMAN Beta Gets its own Launch Trailer

Are you prepared to step into the shiny shoes of Agent 47? Well be prepared as the beta for the game is coming sooner than you think. To celebrate the beta's imminent launch, Square Enix and Io Interactive have released a new trailer giving players a taste of what's to come.

New 10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer Gives us the Heebie-jeebies

During the Super Bowl this past weekend, we had a bucket load of new trailers for a number of movies, and while we covered most of them yesterday, one managed to sneak through the net: the latest trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Dark Souls III Intro Cinematic Emerges From The Ashes

Dark Souls III's April 12th release date draws ever nearer, and as if to further whet the appetite of the Souls series' slightly masochistic fanbase (myself included) Namco Bandai have released the game's opening cinematic, which gives us an appropriately bleak and ash-blanketed look at its setting - the Kingdom of Lothric.

Captain America: Civil War Superbowl 50 Trailer Released

#TeamCap or #TeamIronMan? This is the question Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are asking themselves with the impending release of Captain America: Civil War drawing ever nearer. And now, that question is more relevant than ever with the release of the Superbowl 50 trailer for the upcoming superhero fight film!

Deadpool Superb Owl Trailer Makes it Worth Staying up

What could make the Superbowl bearable for a non-sport fan? A Deadpool trailer along with a few of his friends.
Unreleased Crash Bandicoot Cartoon Arrives Online

PlayStation is Asking Where Crash Bandicoot is

Woah woah woah, hold on a minute. Is Sony hinting at something here? Could a new Crash Bandicoot game be in the works? Probably not, but we're damn hopeful as PlayStation Middle East has started asking the question we've been asking for years, "where is Crash Bandicoot?"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Superbowl 50 Trailer...

Looking back at my past experience with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there was one antagonist in the series that gave me the shivers, and that was Krang, the super-villain brain which sat suspended in the stomach of some brain dead thug. Now, my worst dreams have come true...

Kiro’o Games: Africa Steps Into Gaming With A Bang!

After leaping into the comic book world and bringing us wonderful worlds and stories like The Pack (which doesn't have its own site, so I'm linking to their Facebook page for those interested), Africa is now stepping into the gaming industry with Kiro’o Games.

Humble Bundle to Launch Original Games Through Humble Monthly

Humble Bundle has today revealed that it's to start developing its own original titles that'll launch exclusively through the company's monthly games subscription package, which has around 70,000 users.

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