European Cosplay Gathering Chooses EGX 2015 for UK Competition

Cosplay is going to be a bigger focus than ever at this year's EGX as the European Cosplay Gathering is holding a competition for UK consplayers Cosplay has always had a presence at EGX, but this year is set to be the biggest…

Legalize TED in the new TED 2 Trailer

The second trailer for TED 2 is here and it's just as hilarious as the first We wet ourselves laughing at the first TED 2 trailer a little while back, and now the second one is here and it's just as funny. Thankfully…

Imagination Tech Releases Fully Open MIPS CPU to Universities for Free!

To aid the future of study and development of computer architecture, Imagination is releasing a fully open MIPS CPU to students, for free! We didn't get where we are today by keeping information under wraps, and while businesses have a right to keep…

Well, It’s Official, Silent Hills has been Cancelled

Following word from co-creator Guillermo del Toro that Silent Hills has been cancelled, Konami issue an official statement on the matter Earlier today a we reported that both Silent Hills co-creator del Toro and actor who was set to star in the game,…

iRig 2 Review, Now Strumming Away on Android.. Sort of

IK Multimedia's latest iRig controller now lets you hook up your guitar to your Android device as well as your amp, but does it hit the right note? For a while now I've been eyeing up IK Multimedia's range of smartphone and tablet…

Activision is Going Old School, and I’m Not Complaining

This year it seems Activision is hoping to recapture that golden era of gaming, and I'm pretty excited.. With a new Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on the horizon, this year looks to be a fantastic year for Activision releases. It…

Parallel Politics

It's time for comics, politics and real life to combine. Just like a Transformer, a Megazord and Dragon Ball Z characters. I had to drop those references to balance it out for the explanation I'm going to need to do for any non-UK…

Opinion: Does technology need to be everywhere?

Do we really need technology everywhere in our lives? Have we taken it too far? Now this is not a post about me being cynical and being worried about cyborgs taking over the world and everyone having government chips implanted in our minds.…

Batman v Superman Teaser Trailer Breakdown and Theories

As expected, after the leak of the teaser trailer, the full Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer has now been officially released. Batman v Superman's teaser is a bit like what happened to Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron isn't it? Though…

Interview: 15 Years of Habbo Hotel

In the year 2000 a little online chat experienced launched which personally changed my life, that experience was Habbo Hotel, and now it's turning 15 years old. We caught up with Sulake, the creator of the teen-focussed MMO to talk about some of…

iRig 2 Review, Now Strumming Away on Android....

4.5 Overall rating
Usability 4.5
Diversity 4
Compatibility 5
Sound Quality 4.5

Who’s Next? Mortal Kombat X Review

4.4 Overall rating
Controls 4.7
Story 3.5
Multiplayer 5
Graphics 4
Replayability 5

Mortal Kombat X (iOS) Review

4 Overall rating
Gameplay 4
Sound 3
Replayability 4.2
Graphics 4.5
Difficulty 4.1

Review: Titan Souls - A pixel adventure of ti...

3.9 Overall rating
Graphics 4
Sound 3.7
Replay Value 3.7
Challenge 4

Ticklefluff Review (iOS) A Cute Digital Bop-i...

3.7 Overall rating
Simplicity 4.5
Child Friendly 2.5
Addictiveness 3.3
Multiplayer 4.5

Are you afraid of the dark? White Night Revie...

4.4 Overall rating
Graphics 4.4
Story 4.3
Sound 4.8
Gameplay 4.2

Nightbanes Review – Shuffling Up the Formula

1.9 Overall rating
Gameplay 2.5
Graphics 2
Sound 0.5
Controls 4
Story 0.5

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is Happening..

Following the release of Five Nights at Freddy's 3, we thought it was all over, but wait.. there's more.. Jump scares galore was Freddy's 3, and while it got a little tiresome near the end of the game - if you could make…

Dragon Ball Super is the Newest Dragon Ball TV Series in 18 Years

Dragon Ball hasn't had a new original TV series for 18 years, that was until now with Dragon Ball Super 18 years? Man, that makes me feel old! I remember spending most afternoons watching Dragon Ball Z and most recently trying to re-watch…

Mario Kart 8’s 200cc Mode Nulls “Fire Hopping”

A popular Mario Kart 8 exploit has been rendered useless in the game's new 200cc update An insanely popular exploit in Mario Kart 8 called "fire hopping" has been made practically useless in the latest update which introduces a new 200cc difficulty mode.…

Here’s the Launch Trailer for the Full Broken Age Adventure..

Today sees the launch of the complete Broken Age adventure, which follows the release of the first Act in January last year For many, the staggered launch of Broken Age was a little frustrating as many wanted to continue the story following the…

Called It! DiRT Rally May Eventually Come to Consoles

Though Codemasters never explicitly said DiRT Rally was a PC exclusive, many thought as much.. But it could come to consoles, eventually. Yesterday during our write-up of the announcement of DiRT Rally, the next DiRT title from Codemasters, I added a small part…

Drax And CM Punk To Take On The Universe!

After making his debut in the recent Thor Annual #1 the "Best In The World" will take on Drax in a new on going series. Former Professional Wrestler and "Best in the World" CM Punk will be taking on his first on-going series…

Final Fantasy Duscae Demo Gets an Update..

Final Fantasy: Episode Duscae is the demo that just keeps on giving as Duscae 2.0 launches next week In the full release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD a little code came with that offered players a look at Final Fantasy 15 in a…

Devil May Cry 4’s Japanese Collector’s Edition Comes in a Pizza Box

Japanese gamers will be able to pick up a physical copy of Devil May Cry 4 when it launches, with a Collector's¬†Edition that comes in a pizza box For those of us who live outside of Japan, when Devil May Cry 4 Special…

Here’s the Explosive Just Cause 3 Reveal Trailer

Explosions, explosions, EXPLOSIONS, the Just Cause 3 reveal trailer is pretty freaking epic What begins like GTA but in the sky, the reveal trailer for Just Cause three has more explosions in it than I can count. I tried, believe me, but I…

Aaaand it’s Gone.. Valve, Bethesda Pulls 180 on Paid Steam Mods

Following insane amounts of controversy this weekend, Valve has put an end to the paid Steam mod initiative As primarily a console gamer, I haven't really been following the fan outcry over the paid Steam mod program which launched last week. I understand…