There may be a crossover in the works between The CW's hit series The Flash and CBS's own DC title, Supergirl. The report comes via entertainment news site Bleeding Cool, who claim they received the information from a "reliable source".


New Zootopia Trailer Sticks Sloths in the DMVvideo
As a Brit, we don't really have any clue what it's like to go to the DMV, but thanks to pop culture we know that it's usually a pretty painful experience. But if you're not entirely sure yourself, the new trailer for Disney's Zootopia, highlights that pain, perfectly.

Rainbow Six Siege NVIDIA GameWorks Trailer is Preeeetyvideo
If you've got a PC powerful enough to handle Rainbow Six Siege as well as an NVIDIA GTX graphics card, then you're in for a treat.

Can Four YouTubers Survive in Siberia? Let’s Find Out!video
If your ambitions of being a gaming youtuber have been dashed by clueless adults, then here's a video to show that you're not "just playing video games" all day. You could be whisked off to Siberia to try and survive for 48 hours.

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When you think about gaming PC's, the last company you'd consider for the job would be Lenovo. But following a brand new partnership with PC peripherals maker Razer, Lenovo is about to get pretty serious about gaming.

It's the month to start forgetting about that diet and start gorging on mince pies, egg nog, and other delicious treats which come just once a year, all while hanging plastic decorations all over the house, and lighting up your home with more lights that you can possibly fit into your outlet.

Sonos has announced that Apple Music is now compatible with the company's speaker system bringing Apple's music subscription service to every room, in beta form.

30-year industry veteran Mastertronic has announced that following financial troubles, it has entered administration. CEO Andy Payne has revealed that a deal is in place to buy the company's assets and keep all staff employed, but he himself will no longer remain at the company.

Just Cause 3 is neeearly upon us, and it's sure to bring another ridiculously high-octane injection of Rico Rodriguez' dictator-toppling, vehicle riding, rocket launching, building-obliterating antics.
Deal of the Day | Save 50% on Final Fantasy VII on Green Man Gaming

Square Enix might be busy working on a number of games but the classic Final Fantasy 7 is set to release on PlayStation 4 and it could be soon thanks to a recent leak of the trophy list.
E3 2015: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 Trailer

It looks like there may be world-wide nuclear disarmament soon, and sadly I'm not talking about in real life. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain players are being instructed to disarm their nuclear weapons in order to unlock a hidden cutscene, and it's actually working.

According to a "reliable source", Japanese site Mac Otakara, via MacRumours, is reporting that the next iPhone will come without the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of an all-in-one Lightning connector.
Rocket League Portal Antenna

Rocket League developer, Psyonix, has announced a partnership with Valve to bring Portal-themed goodies to the game later this week including Antenna Accessories and Rocket Trails.
Square Enix Set to Reveal It’s Latest Game via Interactive Twitch Stream

Square Enix have announced their game line-up for the Jump Festa 2016 Expo on December 19-20.

If there's one thing I've learned from the latest beta of Rainbow Six Siege is that some players like to (or at least try to) take all of the glory by killing their entire team and attempt to complete the mission, lone-wolf (only to fail miserably 99 per cent of the time).

Amazon latest video for their drone delivery service, Amazon Prime Air, shows a drone that looks a little different from the adorable little thing we were introduced to, yep, instead of a compact little quadcopter, we now have something which resembles something not to far away from a bed frame.

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