Need for Speed to Require an Online Connection

You'll need an Internet connection if you want to play the new Need for Speed I thought we'd been past this? The idea of an "always-on" Internet connection just isn't viable for everyone right now, but apparently EA and Ghost Games just won't…

Google Announces Android M

Google unveiled Android M at their developers conference yesterday and while the name wasn't revealed, a few familiar features were. For a while now Android has seemed at the forefront of mobile OS development with Apple often playing catch up on a few…

Lara Croft: Relic Run Preview

Lara Croft. An iconic character in the video gaming world and easily one of the most recognisable pop culture icons out there. Today her maze running free action game, Lara Croft: Relic Run hits the mobile stores. I was lucky enough to go…

Here’s your PlayStation Plus Games for June

Sony have a lot in store for PlayStation players in June so if you haven't already, it might be work renewing your PlayStation Plus sub. June, as always, is set to be a fantastic time for gamers. We've got E3 kicking off in…

Dirty Bomb Blows up Steam on June 2

Splash Damage's first-person shooter Dirty Bomb is set to explode on Steam on June 2 Dirty Bomb has been in closed beta for a little while now, but come June 2 players from all over can dive in and see what all the…

Splatoon Global Testfire was a Disaster, but was it an Accident?

This weekend saw the final Splatoon Global Testfire and it was a splatastrophe, but was it intentional? On Saturday, May 22 at 11PM UK time, the world gathered together to play the final open beta test session for Nintendo's upcoming multiplayer shooter, Splatoon.…

How Ant-Man is avoiding issues from the comics

Ant-Man really is a tricky character to adapt, mostly because of the controversial history of the character and the less than heroic juxtaposition besides the Avengers You see, the first problem from the comics is the first name of Pym. It can be…

Green Lantern vs. Yellow Power Ranger

The Yellow Power Ranger. The ultimate enemy of the Green Lantern. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you a little something about Green Lantern. The Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott), was a completely independent version to the more popularised one who…

Opinion: Are Last-gen Consoles on their Death Beds?

How long until Sony and Microsoft pull the plug on the previous generation? Let's face it, the previous generation seems to be coming to an end. Ubisoft have said they will no longer be developing games for PS3 or Xbox 360 (apart from…

Opinion: Music in Music Games; Are we not Tired of the Same Songs?

This year see's the return of two pretty big titles in the musical video game genre, but aren't we getting sick of the same old songs? With this year seeing the return of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the musical video game genre…

Splatoon Review – Is It Worth Your 40 Squid?

4.0 Overall rating
Gameplay 5
Graphics 4
Story 3.5
Sound 4.5
Controls 3

iRig UA Review: Finally I can Shred on Androi...

4.1 Overall rating
Usability 4.5
Compatibility 5
Sound Quality 5
Price Point 2.5
Features 3.5

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

5.0 Overall rating
Gameplay 5
Graphics 5
Sound 5
Story 5
Immersion 5

Bloodsports.TV Review

2.8 Overall rating
Graphics 3.5
Gameplay 3
Sound 4
Fun Factor 2.5
Lastability 1

Climb Tower, Slay Dragon, Save World - Toren ...

3.6 Overall rating
Graphics 3
Sound 5
Gameplay 3
Story 3.5
Replayability 2

Not a Hero Review: All Hail Bunnylord

4.8 Overall rating
Gameplay 4.5
Soundtrack 5
Replayability 5
Content 4.5

Phil the Pill Review: Keep on Rollin’

3.5 Overall rating
Art Style 5
Content 4.5
Replayabilty 2
Accessibility 2.5

Andy Serkis’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens character revealed

Andy Serkis will be playing Supreme Leader Snoke in the upcoming Star Wars film. The news was announced by as they added a carriage to the hype train by interviewing photographer Annie Leibovitz, the woman behind the lens snapping cast photos for…

Here’s your Xbox Games with Gold for June

Your Xbox Games with Gold goodies are here, and once again we have a familiar title in the mix Another month another selection of free games for you to download but for those expecting two new titles for the Xbox One, you'll be…

People who Pre-ordered Hatred Won’t get Early Access Anymore..

Those who pre-ordered Hatred won't be getting the game 3 days earlier, as promised. Earlier this week, Destructive Creations creative director Jarosław Zieliński said in a press release that people who pre-ordered Hatred would be able to pre-load it and play it as early…

Prepare your Wallets, the Steam Summer Sale Rumors are Here

Rumours are here once again in time for the Steam Summer Sale which is apparently going to begin on June 11 In June there are usually two big gaming events, the first is E3 which tells us in advance what we'll need to…

Project Brillo is Google’s Answer to the Internet of Things

At Google I/O yesterday the company unveiled Project Brillo, their OS for the Internet of Things. For some time I've been a little confused about the term Internet of Things. I've never been 100 per cent sure what it actually means, but it…

Africa Dips Its Toes Into The Comics Game, And The Results Are Amazing

Africa has always kept its history close, but now a few have stepped into a vehicle that no one else has, and began to share that history with the world. I’m going to apologize for the brevity of information here, but it’s not…

Cheaters get banned in Destiny Trials of Osiris

Cheaters in Trials of Osiris, the new Destiny game mode, will receive the almighty banhammer Destiny recently added the new PvP mode called Trials of Osiris this week which pits two teams of 3 Guardians against each other in a competitive match. If…

Splatoon Review – Is It Worth Your 40 Squid?

Nintendo took a risk on a new IP with Splatoon, hitting the competitive multiplayer scene with a focus on the younger audience. Did it pay off? I can safely say that the answer to that is a complex one. Splatoon is a really…

Opinion: Why is Hatred Spawning Debates on Morals in Games?

Violence is nothing new to video games, yet recently, opinions on the soon to be released Hatred by Destructive Creations have been blowing up all over social media and gaming sites. While some are from the view that gaming is fantasy and there's no…

“Time To Go To War” in Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Buckle up Batman fans, it's time to go to war in the latest Batman: Arkham Knight trailer. This new gameplay trailer gives us some awesome combat with a whole slew of abilities and gadgets being shown off and bit of dialogue between the Bat…