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Steam has been doing free weekends for years now, and every so often you will get a few free games in one weekend, and then once in a blue moon you will get 3 very good games. This weekend is one of those blue moons. Each game is very good in it's own right and I'm going to tell you exactly why.


There could be another Flash in town. And it's not Adobe.


Chatroulette is known for its surprises of the phallic kind but this is just something else. Over this weekend a handful of people decided to hold a live-action first person shooter experience for those on Chatroulette, and the outcome is pretty damn awesome.

A trailer for Victor Frankenstein has been release, and it looks weird and wonderful. I think it's time you met our monster.

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Instagram, for as long as it's existed, has offered one form factor when it comes to pictures: square. No matter what, your pictures were always square and the overall experience felt uniform. Now however, being square isn't cool any more, and now Instagram looks messy and chaotic.

You might have missed it earlier this month, but popular toys-to-life video game, Skylanders, is getting its own competitive trading card game in the form of Skylanders Battlecast bringing physical cards to life right before your eyes.

Developer Digital Furnace Games alongside publishers Merge Games and Headup Games have announced that their intricate hack and slash 2D platformer Onikira: Demon Killer has been fully released on Steam, having been in Early Access since last year.

Okay, I've not exactly had the best things to say about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5. I've been openly disappointed with the first gameplay trailer and odd new art-style, but this new trailer doesn't look all that bad.

A little over four weeks ago, Microsoft started rolling out their new OS, Windows 10, to PCs across the globe, and although adoption seemed pretty positive in the first couple of days, now the numbers are pretty massive.

Bad news PC players, Ubisoft has announced that the PC release of Assassin's Creed Syndicate is to be delayed a good few weeks pushing the release all the way back to November 19.

It seems games and Kickstarters go hand-in-hand. People love the idea of being part of a game's development, so it comes as no surprise that the sequel to Divinity: Original Sin has already hit the set funding goal.

As with all good video games, Rise of the Tomb Raider has a collector's edition for you to get your adventurous little hands on, but it's going to cost you. For $150 you'll be able to grab the game and a ton of other goodies, which I actually think is totally worth it.

Butterfleye looks like a mouthful to pronounce, but it's ridiculously simple, it's just Butterfly with a silly spelling. Much like the name, Butterfleye is also ridiculously simple in terms of usability. Not only is it a high quality security camera, but its installation is effortless, and with its built-in memory, there's no need to pay monthly fees to ensure your home is safe.

It seems too many people are interested in getting a hold of features first on the Xbox One and because of this, the company is putting a limitation on the amount of users it allows into their Preview Program.

Yesterday various reports surfaced to suggest that if someone were to insert the S Pen into the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the wrong way, not only would the S Pen become lodged into the device, but it would also completely damage the S Pen recognition function... Oops.

This week see's the release of the remastered and bundled version of Bethesda's critically acclaimed action RPG, Disnhonored, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and to get you in the mood, here's the game's launch trailer reminding you just why you loved this game in the first place.

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