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We already know that Splatoon is getting a massive update this month and now, thanks to the Japanese patch notes, we know exactly what's coming to Splatoon v2.0 and it includes more weapons, new game modes, and increases the level cap.



Ben Hardy, a British actor, has confirmed that he is playing Angel in the new X-Men movie. Angel's presence was further confirmed by Bryan...


Warhammer: End Times Vermintide
Warhammer: End Times Vermintide is an upcoming co-op action game from independent developers Fatshark which throws players into the fantasy world of Warhammer as the city of Ubersreik is under siege from power-hungry Skaven.

So we've seen the first footage made within the game engine for Total War: Warhammer, but what we haven't seen is the game in action itself. Now that time as come as we watch The Battle of Black Fire Pass.

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Today as Microsoft's Gamescom media brief Crackdown 3 was showed off with a world reveal of gameplay and a behind the scenes look at Crackdown 3.

At Gamescom today, Head of Platform Engineering, Mike Ybarra announced that Windows 10 will be coming to Xbox One this November.

Platinum Games took to the stage at Microsoft's Gamecom conference today to talk about Scalebound and showed off the game's first gameplay footage, live.

During Microsoft's Gamescom briefing today, Remedy Games unveiled a brand new trailer of the game which showed off more of its time-bending mechanics as well as some of the unique enemies players will be able to face when the game launches.

Konami has some good news and some bad news for fans of Metal Gear Solid. For those who play on PC and aren't happy to wait a little longer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, then there's good news, the release for the PC version has been brought forward. The bad news however, Metal Gear Online has been delayed, and for some, it won't come until 2016.

If you can tear yourself away from that GTAV RPG mod that came out recently, Rockstar are offering double GTA$ and RP for players taking on the Pacific Standard Job heist in Grand Theft Auto: Online from today until Sunday, 9/8/15.

It seems the reason for Rocket League's fairly limited release was all down to developers Psyonix being a fairly small team and nothing to do with having an exclusive deal with Sony, I'm sure.

Yep, Guitar Hero Live won't strictly be an all-guitar affair like we first thought, as in a brand new Behind the Scenes clip for Guitar Hero Live, FreeStyleGames reveals that those who'd rather sing, can in the upcoming music game.

Following Codemaster's recent partnership with the FIA World Rallycross Championship, the publisher has revealed that as of right now, players of DiRT Rally will be getting a ton of content from one of the fastest growing disciplines in Motorsports.

The Chinese Room has unleashed the eerie launch trailer for their upcoming mystery title, Everybody's Gone to The Rapture which launches on PlayStation 4 on August 11.

Hi-Rez, the developer behind the insanely popular MOBA, SMITE, has this week announced a brand new title coming to PC and "current-gen consoles"; Paladins, a Team Fortress 2-like shooter with MOBA-like objectives.

Here's something that made me smile this morning. According to a study by Bath University, here in the U.K. and A&M University in Texas, when we text and walk, we look a little bit funny as we "shuffle" and take "exaggerated" steps onto curbs.

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